A Notice Regarding Faulty Copies of Spanky Wilson’s Doin’ It LP
2023.02.03 INFORMATION

To all of our customers

A Notice Regarding Faulty Copies of Spanky Wilson’s Doin’ It LP

P-VINE, Inc.

We recently became aware that the previously released Spanky Wilson Doin’ It LP contained a defect in which the first 16 seconds of “Hurtin’” (A4) were not included on the record.
Customers who have purchased the faulty record are eligible to receive a version of the record including the full version of “Hurtin’” free of charge.

For customers who purchased a faulty LP and would like to request a replacement, please contact us at the email address listed below with the necessary information by August 31, 2023. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. We estimate that we will begin the process of shipping replacement records in June. Updates regarding the shipping period will be provided through our web page as they become available to us.
Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

To receive a copy containing the full version of “Hurtin’” please send an email to

Set the subject to: “Spanky Wilson “Doin’ It” LP Replacement”
Include the details listed below.

  •  Name
  •  Address
  •  Phone number/email address
  •  Where you purchased the product

And attach a photo of the product in question and your name written down.
(Any information collected will be used solely for the purpose of sending the replacement product)

August 31, 2023

For any questions, please contact
P-VINE, Inc.