Budamunkとmabanuaのユニット、Green Butterのジャケが決定!
2011.11.10 RELEASE

Budamunkとmabanuaのユニット、Green Butterのジャケが決定!

Green Butter 『Get Mad Relax』, in stores December 7th...

『Green Butter / Get Mad Relax』

[Track List]
01 grocery bags
02 Appertif
03 Cruise Early
04 Velvet Sofa
05 Upstair Living
06 Stove Top Borealis
07 pillow landing
08 Moon Skate
09 Morning Green f/ mimismooth
10 The Smooth Route
11 Move Rhythm (the war remix) f/ Joe Styles
12 low tide

bonus track :
13 Where The Heart Is (butter instrumental) f/ mimismooth

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